It's elemental: Chemistry students construct interactive periodic table

Bulletin board gets a new look after a class project is completed by Mrs. Soto's chemistry class

By Shae McGuffyRadar Staff Reporter

Raphael Mendoza is doing a project on the Periodic Table of Elements. Mendoza is an 11th grader at Rocinante High School. He said there were a lot of challenges when staying focused on a group project.

The project is to make an interactive period table of elements on a bulleting outside of the chemistry teacher’s room.

The main time consumer was drawing each individual card for each element, he said.

“Writing the information was the easiest part,” Mendoza said.

The project as a whole took four days to complete, including their entire class period and some of the project was done at home. Groups of students were assigned a certain amount of elements to complete.

“I feel like if we had a lot more time, we could put a lot more detail into it,” Mendoza said, explaining that he wishes he could make it look nicer.

Along with Mendoza doing his own project with his partner, he would help other groups with their cards if they were falling behind.

“It was different,” said Mendoza, because he had to struggle a little bit to understand certain things.

Over all, he said the class was willing to help one another when needed.