Paranormal Activity

Opinion By Sorin Puphal

Rocinante Staff Reporter

"It was one of the only times my parents left me home alone ... they were gone practically the entire night."

Unexpected. Mysterious. Unexplainable Horror. All these things can make up what we consider paranormal activity. Or so I think.

Reported accounts of paranormal activity have been around for a long time, sightings have been reported from almost all around the world, from the United States to Japan, to England, and so on.

Is it even real? Sure we have so-called proof and evidence, even ghost hunters, but it could all be staged.

It's not all that hard to stage things nowadays with our technology.

There were reports from even hundreds of years ago, those can’t be staged right? Well, we’ll never know. It’s not like we can talk to people from hundreds of years ago, or can we?

There are many different ways for you to contact someone from the dead, according to some. You could do this with Ouija boards, mediums, and psychics, and some other things.

Do these things really work? Like with a Ouija board, if your playing with other people, someone else could literally just be moving the piece and they could play it off by saying that there not moving it and people would probably believe it, but maybe there really is some other worldly being actually moving that piece.

Now what about some stories? I myself personally have had very little experience with the paranormal, I think I had about one or two experiences.

I’ll say one experience for now. This is a story from when I was pretty young, maybe 2nd or 3rd grade.

It was one of the only times my parents left me home alone, they never really liked to leave me home alone cause I was so young, but they didn’t really have a choice that day. As they left, they said to lock the door and don’t open it for anyone but them and my friend Sarah — and that they would be back in a couple of hours. That was a lie, they were gone practically the entire night.

When my parents left I locked the door like they asked and I stayed in my room pretty much the entire night, when it had gotten pretty late I went to the door that led outside cause I thought I had heard my parents pull into the drive way.

I got on my tiptoes and looked out the small window on the door, but didn’t see my parents but instead I saw something across the street from my house.

On a tree in my neighbors yard I saw a white figure with white clothing standing and just staring in the direction of my house.

I stood still and was too scared to move. The white figure looked like a woman that still looked pretty young, maybe in her early 20s. I froze in fear. I didn’t want to move and I felt like that if I looked away from her something would happen.

What seemed like hours was maybe just a couple of minutes, but after a while she seemed to have disappeared, my dog then brought me back to reality when she came up to me and her wet nose touched my leg.

Was the paranormal? Is there a logical explanation? Was just playing tricks on myself or dreaming?

I feel as though my mind was just playing tricks on me, I’ve never seen that woman again and I never had any actual proof of what had actually happened.

I easily scare myself and me being as young as I was when that had happened and me being alone I probably just got paranoid and just made up what had happened. So I can’t exactly say if it was real ... or not.